New website

This year brings many adventures for me. I will be spending time on a remote Greek island revisiting a land where I spent my 14th summer and reuniting with old friends. I hope to learn some traditional circle dancing while I'm there as well as drum to the sacred spaces of this island.

During mid summer I will give myself the gift of a workshop intensive with Glen Velez and Yousif Sheronick, while reuniting with many of my south of the border tribe sisters.. During the summer it is my desire to do a Once a Month Drumming and Singing with Whales on the Bay of Fundy and Annapolis Basin. I hope you will join me. There is a possibility that we will be joined by a devotional singer from the U.K. who I am a great admirer of. That is all I can say about that right now.

This past year

This past year has been a shifting time for me. I decided instead of organizing events I would be quiet and wait for Divine Spirit to Guide me. As a result things shifted. I have been invited to participate in many wonderful events and to return to beloved communities to offer more workshops. Mostly I was called on to Drum to our Waterways and aquatic life. In doing so we experienced amazing encounters with dolphins and whales, responding to our song and rhythm. I hope for much more of this in the future