Percussionist, teacher, facilitator, singer songwriter, activist.  

West African Drumming At the Windsor Library

February 8th, 2020

11 am

ages 12 and up


Register with Library.


Welcome to my new website!!

I did it. I snuck my drum up to the Acropolis in Athens and drummed quietly until the Acropolis police stopped me. About 20 minutes of deep prayer and connection with the Ancestors. Upon returning to Canada I knew something needed to shift. So although I have been a bit quiet on the drumming front I am busy with plans  to move in the spring to Freeport, N.S. so I can be closer to the Whales. Plans are quietly being made to hold retreats on this beautiful island, combining drumming with amazing local food, artist workshops, musicians, and yoga classes. Much gestating going on . Pretty excited. As always I also welcome the opportunity to drum in your community so please contact me if interested, HAPPY DRUMMIMG!!!! xoxo

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